iUp is 100% plant based and made from adaptogens

Adaptogens are Out of this World!

Adaptogens have been used by military officers, Olympic athletes, key political leaders, international financiers, cosmonauts and master chess players. In some countries adaptogens were even considered a military secret.

Used by

Helped astronauts stay alert and energized. Astronauts in the space station maintained a better mood despite weeks of cramped living.

Used by
explorers and Vikings

Explorers and Vikings used elite herbs for fighting fatigue, which provided phenomenal increases in mental and physical ability.

Used by
secret agents

It is not a myth that secret intelligence agencies utilize adaptogens to help toughen its agents in the face of stressful conditions.

Used by

Olympic teams use elite plants during training and competition. Result: improved stamina and recovery, increased oxygen uptake and better performance.

  • Astronauts
  • Explorers and Vikings
  • Secret agents
  • Olympians


Energy is motivation. Time and modern clinical studies have proved that elite plants, or so called adaptogens can support both.



We have developed not only a unique product, which provides adaptogen based energy, but it also has some additional amazing benefits: stress resistance, immunity support, increased power, stamina and mental capabilities.



Energy is motivation. Time and modern clinical studies have proved that elite plants, or so called adaptogens, which were carefully selected to form the unique iUp formula, are exceptionally effective tonics without any side effects, which substantially increase a general sense of well-being. Moreover, certain combinations of adaptogens provide bigger benefits than adaptogens consumed separately. iUp formula contains a unique top performing combination of these elite plants, which allows you to get maximum benefit.



One iUp package contains 7 servings, which can be consumed whenever you feel the need for increased motivation. While the price is comparable to a can of energy drink, that contains only one serving and must be consumed in one sitting.



iUp energy bits are packed in a specially designed patented package, which makes it convenient for you to keep close at hand and enjoy their amazing benefits whenever you like.

plant based energy


Adaptogens are nontoxic, which means they can be safely taken for extended periods of time.
Improves resistance

An adaptogen produces a nonspecific biological response that improves the body’s ability to resist multiple forms of stress, including physical, chemical and biological.
Maintains Balance

They have a normalizing influence, meaning that whatever direction the stressors are throwing the body out of balance, Adaptogens help to bring the system back to the center.