Our mission is to bring motivation through plant based products to people's daily lives.

By motivating people every day, we help them feel better, allowing them to achieve outstanding results in work, study, sports and daily life.

Used by

Helped astronauts stay alert and energized. Astronauts in the space station maintained a better mood despite weeks of cramped living.

Used by
explorers and Vikings

Explorers and Vikings used elite herbs for fighting fatigue, which provided phenomenal increases in mental and physical ability.

Used by
secret agents

It is not a myth that secret intelligence agencies utilize adaptogens to help toughen its agents in the face of stressful conditions.

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Olympic teams use elite plants during training and competition. Result: improved stamina and recovery, increased oxygen uptake and better performance.

  • Astronauts
  • Explorers and Vikings
  • Secret agents
  • Olympians